ROSSINYOL: We accept FairCoin!

The Rossinyol Collective Project has become a part of the FairCoop ecosystem and is therefore accepting payments and donations in FairCoin (a cryptocurrency created on ethical and ecological principles), as a tool amongst the many which are needed to work towards a fair and circular economy, self-sufficiency, autonomy, resilience and relations based on mutual aid and solidarity.

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ROSSINYOL: Presentation of “The Rossinyol Collective Project”

Who we are

We are a small group of people who come from the anti-authoritarian milieu, working as a self-organised collective —horizontally, collaboratively and without bosses— to produce raw and organic cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Since 2014, we have been squatting and recuperating abandoned olive groves situated in the countryside around Manresa, a small town in the Catalonian area of the Iberian Peninsula. At first, the idea was to produce high-quality organic olive oil for our own consumption, but gradually we recuperated more and more olive trees and began to increase our production.

The groves

Since the beginning of our project, one of our intentions has been to rescue from abandonment the centuries-old olive groves which we could see slowly disappearing around us due to decades of neglect. Continue reading ROSSINYOL: Presentation of “The Rossinyol Collective Project”